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Our Approach

We work to gather a broad and creatively unique portfolio of fine art images for our customers to craft into a custom display of choice.

What We Do

We build our galleries with art images from a variety of sources.  We have a significant gallery of images from the historic downtown Charleston, South Carolina and surrounding areas including Magnolia Plantation.  Additional galleries will be crafted to include other sites in this area.

In addition, a large gallery of images from the Zanesville and New Concord, Ohio area has been built from where we are originally from.   Many of these images capture areas or buildings as people's memories have them because today many are gone.  Included in this gallery is also a collection of images along the National Road Rt. 40.  A gallery of edited vintage images and postcards is also in work.

Other galleries offer topics of rural settings, sunrises and sunsets, and floral art images of many types.

If you are searching for something and cannot find it in one of the galleries, please submit a request.

Where It All Began

Sometime in 1974 there was a 4 year old kid who watched his father exploring the world through the view finder of a 35 mm Fujica camera.  One day this kid asked if he could learn and his dad very patiently began the process of teaching and mentoring.  That kid was so blessed to have such a teacher .. that kid was me.  By the time I was 8 years old I knew how to use a fully manual 35 mm camera and a variety of lenses including a Tamron wide angle, fish-eye, and a Vivitar 70-200 telephoto.  My father taught me the technical aspects but most importantly showed me the importance of using the camera as a tool to capture an essence or a feeling in a setting, to look for contrasts and textures, to stitch dramatic elements together, and to capture in film what other people's eyes didn't see.  I was so fortunate to live and travel as a child for so many years in Europe.   Being able to take in the dramatic landscapes, monuments, and peoples greatly affected how I look today through the viewfinder.

tony at Pisa

Tony Ackerman

My dad captured this shot of me.  At this moment I was the 7 year old child photographer upset about having to use the " kid camera " while shooting scenes of the Leaning Tower of Pisa from the door frame of the Pisa Baptistry.

Today my photography work is done with a Sony RX100 and a Sony A6000 using a 30 mm macro lens and an 18-200 mm monster lens (it's heavy but useful).  I also periodically use higher end cell phone cameras when I see a shot along the side of the road and I am without a camera. A Sony A7Rii will join the fleet in the near future.